Drink your coffee

Nov 3, 2013
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Drink Your Coffee
┬áNothing gets my blood boiling more than overzealous health “authorities” who proclaim that something good for us is “bad” without any real evidence.
Their “evidence” amounts to a thin layered illusion of epidemiological conjecture. The study of epidemiology is the idea that some correlation will lead to potential causation. Of course, correlation and causation is not easy to prove in a large population study. That being said, that does not stop the news media from reporting headlines with major pronouncements about something being bad for us. They use the words, “may” to imply that something is bad, and can possibly be bad for us. Say what you will about coffee, is it really all that bad?

Coffee is Safe to Drink
Granted some people are more sensitive to coffee than others. However, the health “authorities” would like to presume it’s just plain bad. It is now perfectly evident that no diet or specific food is right for everyone, therefore, it would make sense not to forbid the same food for everyone either. One person shouts, “eat your vegetables,” the other shouts you “need more fiber,” etc. This is all wrong, but that is a story for another time. Don’t get me started on the supposed ‘dangers’ of adding salt to your food, this is also nonsense! Read our article on salt.

The Latest Drama on Coffee
A recent claim was made that stated the following: “People who drink the most coffee have a higher risk of death.” Here are the details of this research. For those men under the age of 55, four cups a day will boost the risk of death by 56%. For women, they proclaimed that mortality rates will double if they drink a fourth cup. Normally studies like this are junk and this is no exception. Let’s delve into the flaws.

Major Flaws in this Coffee Study
Beginning with the most blatant flaw is that of the 43,727 participants who were tracked for 17 years, only once were they asked about their coffee consumption–just once in seventeen years! I could go on about the other flaws of the study, however this one is so bad, why bother?

Junk like this gets published, the media runs with it, and every Joe, Tom, Dick and Harry now believes this rubbish!

Back to Reality
If we were to examine real, reliable data on coffee consumption, we will find that regular coffee drinkers (including those who drink more than moderately) actually have a lower risk of death, including heart disease, dementia, cancer and more.

So go ahead, drink that fourth cup!