How To Destroy Your Drug Addiction

Mar 27, 2016
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Escaping the Addiction Prison is often a difficult mission. It requires both support, patience and a lot of willpower. Unfortunately, one of the most important parts in an successful escape is also one of the most unknown ones – nutrition! In this video we are freely handing over a powerful yet affordable and flexible plan aiming at escaping Prison Addiction! Below you can read our article about how to Shatter Drug Addiction.

How To Shatter Drug Addiction

Numerous scientific evidence and clinical experience have shown that several natural things can be used to beat addiction. Few people realize the extent of the power of natural medicine. Individually, many of these therapies have been shown to overcome addiction. When used in synergistic fashion, it is then that it can yield its full potential. Once the mechanisms are properly understood, it no longer seems as difficult as people perceive. When the physical addition is overcome, the “will power” becomes less necessary.

Let’s begin with Vitamin C (loads of it)
Clinics that are familiar with this therapy understand that it takes a significant dose of vitamin C. For example, it is not uncommon to administers 20 to 100 grams of vitamin C a day to drug addicts. In addition, other nutrients are taken in addition. These high doses of vitamin C continue for the following 4 to 6 days until the dosage is lowered to 10 to 30 grams. What type of addiction does this work for? This particular protocol is used for addicts taking heroin, methadone and morphine and are withdrawn without any symptoms. Their relative health is quickly improved within 24-hours. At such high doses intravenously (IV) it is advised to take sodium and potassium ascorbate (forms of vitamin C)  to avoid diarrhea which is expected at 10 grams. IV (intravenous dosing) is not necessary. While such doses mentioned above typically are driven intravenously (IV), oral dosing can also be used.

There is a more efficient way to boost serum levels of vitamin C using an oral liposomal delivery. It favorably compares with IV without having to use extremely high levels. Therefore this can eliminate costs or trying to search out clinics. So a packet of liposomal C can yield several times the same quantity of standard oral or IV C. Therefore a loading dose could consist of 2 to 10 packets for the initial 4 to 6 days. To learn how to acquire liposomal C, see the list at the bottom of the page.

Additional Steps (companion nutrients)

Lithium Orotate

Many people think lithium is a drug you give to “crazy” people. Not so. Please do not confuse a natural mineral with a drug. Lithium is in fact a mineral that may soon be classified as an essential nutrient in human diet. The form of lithium usually given to those with so-called “mental illness” is lithium carbonate. Oddly, mainstream medicine uses toxic doses of a poorly absorbed form. However, lithium orotate has been found to be a much more bio-available compound, giving comparable effects which much lower doses of elemental lithium.  A proponent of lithium orotate, Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, used to routinely monitor his patients for signs of toxicity, but stopped after he never found a single problem.

Dr. Wright states:

“In 30 years of nutritionally oriented practice, I’ve been told by many alcoholics and their relatives that low-dose lithium can be very helpful for both alcoholism and associated mood disorders. For “practicing” alcoholics, I recommend a trial of lithium orotate, 10 milligrams three times daily (along with diet advice, niacin, glutamine, and other supplements). I ask recovering alcoholics to try 5 milligrams, three times daily (occasionally more). The majority of these patients report improved mood and decreased desire for alcohol after about six weeks using lithium therapy.”

An article in the British Journal of Addiction stated “both controlled and uncontrolled experiments show that symptoms of both alcoholism and effective disturbance are reduced in patients treated with lithium.”The general recommended dosage is two per day. 5 milligrams elemental twice per day (Natural Orotate Lithium).

Infrared Sauna
Drug residues can be stored in fat and may be a factor in the persistence of symptoms. When an infrared sauna is used, it can rapidly “sweat-out” these drug metabolites, that left unchecked could stimulate future addiction. Using an infrared sauna for 30 minutes each day for at least 30 days will go a long way towards reducing the urge of addiction. It is necessary to consume plenty of natural salts (think electrolytes) and water prior to using the sauna. Consider a low-priced unit such as this for convenience and portability.

In a 2003 study, a group of 12 addicts were either given magnesium or a placebo. Urine samples were taken twice a week for 12 weeks. Those taking magnesium had drugs in their urine only 16% of the time while the placebo group had drugs in their urine 48% of the time. It’s probably that the reduction of glutamate toxicity per magnesium is partially responsible for this effect. Of interest, a study revealed that female heroin addicts showed significantly lower Magnesium levels. [2]

Amino Acid Therapy
Amino acid therapy provides a relatively high success rate in battling drug addiction. A number of individual amino acids such as L-glutamine have been demonstrated to help addiction, therefore a broader range of amino acids would and have been shown to be even more protective. These amino acids are converted into neurotransmitters and help repair damage to the brain. Various nutrients act as co-factors to help convert these amino acids or they maybe “sacrificed” for other uses in the body.

Consider that chronic uses of drugs damages neuroreceptors in the brain in turn creating a viscous cycle of dependency. So in place of the drugs, targeted amino acids can facilitate repair and also satisfy the craving, a total win-win scenario. Co-factors typically used for activating neurotransmitters are B6 (pyridoxine), why not use all of the “B-complex” instead of just one.


In two words, quality protein! Those with addictive behaviors typically consumes a lot of refined foods and if it’s not alcohol, then it’s often refined sugars, sweets, carbohydrates that lack necessary proteins. Without sufficient protein, there is no material for the stomach acid to break down any protein into its component amino acids to form neurotransmitters.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners
They are harmful to the brain and the last thing a recovering addict needs. They stimulate glutamate toxicity which can produce free-radicals in the brain.

Sulfur Compounds
Organic Sulfur appears to have a synergistic, positive effect on everything related to metabolism. For addiction adding sulfur compounds improves cellular detoxification.

Detoxification from addictions cravings seems to be modified and reduced when people are trying to maintain abstinence from addictive substances and behavior. When utilizing an all encompassing method to fortify and detoxify, the recovery phases will be substantially shorter. Examples of sulfur compounds are lipoic acid, N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), sulforaphane, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).

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