Fluoride & Your Testosterone Level

Aug 3, 2013
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fluoride reduces testosterone

In case you were not aware, the ‘cavity protector’ fluoride is an internationally recognized neurotoxin.

If you’re interested in your health, you might consider eliminating all sources of fluoride intake. Fluoride creates toxic effects on virtually every inch of body tissue by inhibiting enzyme function. That is to say that it promotes a problem in immune response recognition.

Fluoride’s relationship with testosterone levels are not very good. It should be noted that fluoride toxicity has a strong correlation with lead toxicity. Lead toxicity in even the most minuscule amounts is enough to create hormone dysfunction, low testosterone, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Recent investigations into the effects of fluoride on human hypothalamus to testicular axis hormones were reported. The results were, as expected, not very warm.

Within a fluoride polluted city, concentrations of fluoride in the water, food and soil were significantly higher than those of a standard area. Of those people living in the polluted area, had an average luteinizing hormone (LH) that was significantly higher than that of the control group (standard area). Also the blood level of testosterone in men of the fluoride polluted district was significantly less than that of the control group.

The finding for testosterone levels in women was markedly different, as their levels were higher than the control group. The study authors concluded that fluoride could affect hormone levels of each layer of the hypothalamus-testicular axis, and show the reproductive endocrine disturbing effects. The reproductive endocrine disturbing effects of male maybe more severe than those of females.

Other Considerations
The body is not able on its own to remove all of its accumulated fluoride, therefore adding iodine to the diet will help increase its excretion. Consider removing all sources of fluoride ingestion, whether its from water, toothpaste, medications and so forth.

If messing with testosterone levels isn’t bad enough, fluoride has a strong connection with thyroid suppression. It has been well documented that tooth decay is not reduced in heavy fluoridated areas anymore than it is in areas with no fluoride. The only difference in tooth health is that those who have fluoridation tend to have higher cases of dental fluorosis, which is not a sign of health, but rather an unattractive feature.

Most water filtration systems do not remove fluoride, and in what is probably the most commonly overlooked source of exposure, consider that we still inhale plenty of water while taking a shower–unless you’re the lucky few who lives in a fluoride free district.

The Nazi Connection
The jury on whether or not the Nazis¬†deliberately poisoned prisoners with fluoride is still out, but one thing is certain, it’s a neurotoxic substance with the potential to create a cascade of negative health issues within the human body.

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