Keeping Testosterone On High

Sep 15, 2013
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Keeping Testosterone On High

Keeping Testosterone On High
The older a male becomes, the greater the possibility exists that higher levels of aromatase enzyme enter the equation. Elevated aromatase enzyme translates into higher risk of enlarged prostate, balding, insulin resistance, enlarged breasts, abdominal obesity, reduced libido, and other inconveniences. Too much of the aromatase enzyme means excess conversion of testosterone into estrogen. That is the common link. Or in other words, excess aromatization.

Many men who are checked for low testosterone, who are then subsequently given testosterone shots, creams or gel may not get much better unless their aromatization expression is checked. If you’re wondering why testosterone therapy does not always help, or even makes things worse, it is because of aromatization.

What good is testosterone supplementation if most of it is being converted into estrogen? More importantly, how does one check for this? The answer is testosterone to estrogen ratio. Looking at your lab tests, make note if your testosterone is below the middle range while also checking to see if your estrogen is above the middle range. The degree of concern of course is how close to the low end range is testosterone relative to how close the estrogen level is toward the top of its range. If this tendency is shown, elevated aromatization is likely present. Furthermore, it’s with a high confidence level you’re also insulin resistant.

What to do? Are you consuming grains or vegetable oils? Either can be problematic. Do you have elevated glucose or triglyceride levels? Do you have low HDL levels?
If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, its possible that inflammation could be playing a role in low testosterone. The reason is, inflammation is a major instigator of low testosterone. While not the only cause, it’s often ignored when looking at all of the usual suspects, such estrogen contamination or mineral balances. Supplements to help keep inflammation lower are Ecklonia Cava, Decalcify and Antioxidant Boost.

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