Super Important Nutrient 4 Weight Loss (backed by science)

Oct 31, 2015
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Use this tasty yet simple, cheap and effective weight loss secret (backed by science).

We are not just blowing “hot air,” in this video. There are real reasons why incorporating more calcium-rich foods into your diet will enhance your slimming (weight loss) efforts significantly.

In fact, before I address the science, let me also disclose some proof! The way to observe in yourself if this approach works is TWO BIG THINGS!

#1 – You will feel tired not long after the ingestion of these foods because they significantly up-regulate metabolism.

#2 – The act of burning and increasing thermogenesis (fat burning) will result in sweating while you are sleeping. So you may suddenly feel tired or find yourself taking a nap, so do not despair. That being said, you may find optimal times to perform this type of calcium-rich food feeding.

Also I do encourage you to opt for those foods very rich high in saturated fat (not a misprint). Also if there are sugars and/or honey (no problem at all). It only enhances leptin signaling!

Only avoid products that are low in saturated fat or contain artificial sweeteners (because they negatively effect energy balance). You heard me right (not a misprint!)

The Science:
Many epidemiological studies have reported a link between calcium (Ca) deficiency and metabolic syndrome. During a low calcium diet, parameters such as lower adiponectin and higher intact parathyroid hormone levels are found. Serum nitrite/nitrate and asymmetrical dimethylarginine were significantly higher in a low calcium diet.

The expression of liver produced 11Beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-1, the enzyme that catalyzes the hormone coritsol is upregulated, while hepatic phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase expression was downregulated in low calcium feeding. Glucocorticoid receptor, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-α and 11β-HSD2 expression levels show a similar tendency. [1]

[1] Ann Nutr Metab. 2011;59(2-4):73-8.

Notes: Try foods as rich in calcium as possible, Greek Yogurt with the full fat is a good one, and even better include those that have sugar or honey–unless you do not like sweet things. A2 milk is another good source or cheese.

Shifting your Diet High in Calcium – Why? It burns fat and prevents leptin resistance:

Calcium has a significant effect on key players in energy metabolism, in particular leptin and adiponectin receptors. [1]

Well-controlled, adequately powered trials in research and community settings appear likely to identify a modest but beneficial effect of yogurt consumption for prevention of weight gain and management of obesity. [2]

Want to “sugar charge” or further enhance the calcium weight loss effect? Add these probiotics to your yogurt!

Certain probiotics enhance the actions of fat burning, leptic resistance and reduction in the cortisol converting enzyme 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1. A probiotic that contains these specific strains will be added to the comment section. After you like our video, you can read what these are in the comments section!

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